About Us

Me with my Vulcan UN900

After buying my first bike, a Kawasaki Vulcan VN900, the "Fun" shopping started.  I kitted myself with a helmet, thick jacket, proper boots and a set of hand cloves. 

Only when I got home, I realised that these accessories are very bulky and won't fit into my cupboard. Still I didn't panic, because I was sure there must be some sort of neat storing system that I can put in my garage for all my accessories. 

To my surprise, there was virtually nothing available in the South African market. I designed a practical storage system for myself. My friends saw my system and several of them asked me to do the same for them.  This gave me the idea to give more people the opportunity to by this and led to the creation of this website. 

Hope you enjoy your new storage system.

Bikertidy is a small company, manufacturing storage systems for motorbike accessories.  At this stage, there is limited variety available. Please feel free to mail me some suggestions for new products at Who knows, maybe one day this won't be a small company any more.